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Cisca & Niek

Technologies like websites, apps and other software solutions can break the world, but also heal her . We choose the latter, will you join us?

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AimToFeel - Feelgood Technology, logo
AimToFeel - Feelgood Technology, logo

Our product ...

The online world is dominated by a few large companies, such as Facebook. The revenue models of these companies use underhanded tricks to turn the users into emotionless zombies.

However, internet users are starting to see through these tricks and long for a new way, one that feels right ...

That's our product:

Feelgood Technology©

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AimToFeel and you ...

It’s all about the experience. You can’t charm a user by a platform (websites/apps/other software solutions) that only has a brilliant design or is only technically clever constructed. If the user doesn’t feel happy on your platform, they won’t purchase. That’s why it is so important to focus on feeling.

Because we Aim To Feel:

  • For the user. Did you know that they decide in milliseconds whether a website or app is worthy of their time?
  • For you (our client). Your goals are ours.
  • For ourselves, yes we like to have a voice to ;)
  • Niek wants to program platforms efficiently and smartly, so that it is as fast as possible.
  • Cisca wants to create platforms that look good, but also work in a user-friendly way. 

Together we build Feelgood Technology©! Are you interested, please contact us and we will take on the challenge together.

AimToFeel Contact - Cisca & Niek

Contact +31 6 33 888 744 Groningen & Utrecht
The Netherlands