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Feelgood Technology is the new way to build digital systems. It’s user friendly, ultra fast and all in one. We are talking about specially tailored digital systems that make all parties feel good.

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It’s all about the experience. You can’t charm a user by a platform (websites/apps/other software solutions) that only has a brilliant design or is only technically clever constructed. If the user doesn’t feel happy on your platform, they won’t purchase. That’s why it is so important to focus on feeling.


Ultra Fast

Ultra-fast solutions that’s what we aim to deliver. Combine that with our performance-tuned server and you get the best experience for the end-user. Did you know people decide based on loading time if they would like to stay? Serving your application in an optimized way to deliver the site within an eyeblink is key to lowering bounce rates.

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All in one solutions

We want to unburden you as much as possible. We offer support on every digital area. Whenever it’s a website, an app or a marketing strategy. Together with you we decide what you need and when. All our solutions are specially tailored based on your budget and needs.

Care on all levels
The Alignment Technique - Website & app

TAT Home app

We created TAT Home, the app for the Alignment Technique that brings it back alive at home. Be guided through the Moves (exercises) by means of speech and video.

The Alignment Technique

We designed and built the website for T.A.T. and we are also working on an app! More info about the app will follow soon. We are supporting TAT in every digital area, we do the website, marketing and the app.

aimtofeel collaboration

Machcha - website

Machcha - Lodges in Sri Lanka

We helped Machcha to present itself online. We created a corporate identity, logo and a website for them.

Talkpixels - technische support


For Talkpixels we turn no-code solutions into some-code solutions. We assist them in their work on the more technical questions/solutions. The collaboration strengthens both our businesses, the more the happier.

Jim van der zee - Website

Jim van der Zee - sing-songwriter

Jim van der Zee, dutch singer-songwriter and guitars, well known for his low and clean voice. He won two talent shows in the Netherlands, the Voice of Holland 2018 and Better Than Ever 2022. We created the website and found out we love to work with artists.

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