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We are very happy with the dashboard we delivered for Solarfields. Solarfields builds solar panels for its customers and wants to serve them even better in terms of service. That is why she asked us to build a dashboard for Zero55, a company that offers electric karts and laser gaming, entirely on the energy generated on their own with the solar panels of Solarfields. How cool would it be if they could show their customers how sustainable they are on a live basis? AimToFeel thinks that that is very cool. It is also for a good cause, in this way generating green energy becomes fun! And contributing to that feels good.

It really wasn’t that easy. Because if you tell me that you have generated [high number] kWh of green energy, that doesn’t mean a thing to me. For us, therefore, the task was to make those numbers understandable for everyone. We have achieved this by means of comparisons that everyone can empathize with. If I tell you that we can use that amount of kWh for doing [high number] of washing machine runs per month (on a average) or that we can fry [high number] of eggs from this amount of kWh per day, everyone can understand that it concerns large amounts of green energy and that Zero55 really is doing a good job. Furthermore, the dashboard is personalized for zero55, so you can also see how many karts they can charge per week on average from the energy they have generated.

Solarfields Dashboard