The Alignment Technique

The Alignment Technique (TAT) is an opening to more awareness for everyone. TAT consists of exercises, Moves, that help you to restore the connection with yourself, so that you can make the most of your natural potential. We created the website, do the copywritting and we are building an app!

Machcha - website

Machcha - Lodges in Sri Lanka

Machcha is a company that rents lodges in Sri Lanka to backpackers and other nature lovers. The lodges are located near populair cultural and natural treasures of Sri Lanka. We created the logo, corporate identity and the website.

Your project here?

We are constantly looking for new challenges. Do you require a website, app or any other software solution? Let's make it happen. PS: we both can't wink...

Talkpixels - technische support


For Talkpixels we turn no-code solutions into some-code solutions. We assist them in their work on the more technical questions/solutions. The collaboration strengthens both our businesses, the more the happier.

Jim van der zee - Website

Jim van der Zee - sing-songwriter

Jim van der Zee, dutch singer-songwriter and guitars, well known for his low and clean voice. He won two talent shows in the Netherlands, the Voice of Holland 2018 and Better Than Ever 2022. We created the website and found out we love to work with artists.