Machcha - website

Machcha is a company that rents lodges in Sri Lanka to backpackers and other nature lovers. The lodges are located near populair cultural and natural treasures of Sri Lanka. Kamal is the host and owner. He is a kind man that is in love with Sri Lanka and knows all places you should visited, places that tourists normally don’t know of.

We helped Machcha to present itself online. We created a corporate identity, logo and a website for them. All in collaboration with them. We created three possible designs for corporate identity and logo all of which differed in colors, fonts and logo. And they choose the font from one of the designs, the logo and colors from an other design. Together we found the perfect combination. This approach was very effective in this situation. Machcha was very happy with the results and the proces didn’t take too much time. Afterwards we created a design for the website, also in collaboration with them and it was online in no time.


Visit the website: