AimToFeel Team - Cisca & Niek

Cisca & Niek

Cisca - AimToFeel

Cisca van der Want

User Experience | Concept designer | app/web designer | front-end developer

Did you know that? The most efficient way to get inspiration for any kind of assignment is to stop working on it completely, go for a walk, come back and let the creativity flow out of your hands. You need to trust it will come to you and let go, because forcing creativity will never work.

Cisca is the designer of AimTofeel. With her experience on UX (user experience) and concept design, she will always deliver the best fit solution for your customers. Creating an experience is what she is all about. An experience is build with the input of the client and the input of potential users, because if they aren’t happy on your platform they won’t come back.

Cisca loves to make connections with new people, new ideas and new businesses. It’s the engine to her creativity and it makes her feel free and alive. That’s what makes working with Niek at AimToFeel feel like a dream come true. Because connecting is the core of our business, because it makes you feel. It’s the secret ingredient to Feelgood Technology©.

Her personal objective is to make the online world a place where everyone feels good visiting and leaving. In her studies she learned all about manipulative tricks to make users addictive to your product. In her opinion this is the old way of making money, there is no place for that in Feelgood Technology©. If you need tricks like this, than your product lacks quality and importance to your customer. So, let’s work on that.

Niek - AimToFeel

Niek van der Velde

Software Engineer | Java-/Type- script | Rust | Angular | Mobile applications | Performance enthusiast

Did you know that? Niek is always searching for ways to improve application performance. One of those results is our ultra-fast server. Which he configured in the optimal way to serve sites as fast as possible to the end-user.

Niek is the Software Engineer of AimToFeel. With his experience and web and mobile development, he will always deliver the best fit solution to the cliënts problem. With his analyzing skills, he will always try to find and get the right information required for each project. The best way to create the perfect solution is to analyze the whole process and identify the important functions of an application.

And of course, Niek is a great team player, he loves to share his knowledge with willing participants. This is not a guarantee that everyone will understand the technical brainpower of Niek, but if you’re willing there is a lot of knowledge to be found. Likewise, Niek likes to hear other people's opinions or views, this is a great way to learn or view problems from a different perspective.

One of Niek his personal objectives is to make the Internet a more clear and more transparent place. He takes the privacy of the end-user very seriously and tries to collect and save as little as possible data of the end-users. A good example of this is our self-hosted analytics application. This way all the data is placed on the server of AimToFeel located in Europe and no third party can access the information.

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